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The history of any used car online with Car Check.

Car Check instantly reveals if a car...

Is recorded as stolen Has been a write-off Has wrong VIN Has incorrect mileage
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How To Perform A Check

1. Enter the registration number you wish to check in the box on the front page

2. Fill in your email address, name and postal address information.

3. Enter your credit or debit card information, £18.95 will be charged to this card, and click 'Go'.

4. Information about the vehicle will be displayed and will also be emailed to you.

Report Guide

An explanation of the information included in our report can be seen in our report guide.

Example Report

To view the information we supply with each check please see our example report.

VIN Check

We are not able to provide the full VIN with the car data check service as a full VIN can be used to clone a vehicle. However, customers who have checked a vehicle may provide a VIN and it can be checked against our records.

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