Power162 BHP
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      


General information

Model 595 TURISMO
Colour -
Year of manufacture -
Top speed 135 mph
Gearbox 5 speed Manual

Engine & fuel consumption

Power 162 BHP
Torque 230 Nm at 3.000 rpm
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Petrol
Consumption combined 35.1 mpg
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      

Internet history

Advert 1
Date 2021-10-21
Pictures 0
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source: heycar.co.uk
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      

Damage history

Check the damage history for this ABARTH. See if, where and when this ABARTH had damage and the car repair costs. We also check if this ABARTH was scrapped. Download the premium report here for the results.

Damage 1
Date ???????
Category ???????
Type ???????
Damage 2
Date ???????
Category ???????
Type ???????
Extra ABARTH salvage check

If this vehicle was seen at a salvage auction we offer: vehicle pictures, salvage location, retail value.
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Vehicle valuation

What is this car worth? See the vehicle value of this ABARTH in the premium report. We check: purchase value, age, mileage, MOT history, damages and online sale prices.

Trade retail value £ ??.???
Auction value £ ??.???
Average private trade value £ ??.???
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      

Owner history

For how long did the current and previous owner(s) have this ABARTH? How many owners did this ABARTH have? Check it in the premium report and see all owner registrations. Download the full report here.

??????? ???????
?????????????? ???????
?????????? ???????
??????? ???????
?????????????? ???????
?????????? ???????

Plate changes

See in this check if this ABARTH had different number plates.

Number of plates ?
Current registration
Plate since ????-??-??
Current registration
Plate since ????-??-??
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      

Finance check

Check if this ABARTH is financed, has an outstanding loan or finance agreement. If you are purchasing a vehicle it is smart to ensure that any finance that may have been taken out on this ABARTH has been settled.

If not, and you buy this ABARTH then you could lose the money and the car you paid for.

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Finance company ??????? ????
Date of agreement ??????? ????
Agreement type ??????? ????
Agreement term ??????? ????
Agreement number ??????? ????
Contact info ??????? ????
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      

Mileage check

Mileage registrations 1
Registration #1 ????-??-?? ??.??? mi
YR71ZROreport date: 2022-08-09      

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Dimensions & weight

Width 1627 mm
Height 1485 mm
Length 3660 mm
Max. allowed weight 1425 kg

Additional information

Number of seats 4
Number of axles 2
Engine code 2778639


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