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The history of any used car online with Car Check.

Car Check instantly reveals if a car...

Is recorded as stolen Has been a write-off Has wrong VIN Has incorrect mileage
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Stay safe - Car Check it first

Used Car Check

1 in 3 used cars has a hidden history. Around 1 in 7 cars have been insurance write-offs and 400,000 cars are stolen annually. Car Check can provide a full report on the history of any used car.

Car Check helps you to avoid the loss associated with buying a vehicle that may be:

Stolen (Police Interest)
Write-off / Total Insurance Loss (Recorded Accident Damage)
Scrapped by the DVLA
Subject to Plate Transfers
Colour Changes

We also supply you with information on: Make and Model
Number of Former Keepers
VIN (Chassis Number) Check
Engine Number and Size
Date First Registered
Year Manufactured

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